New Release: Shannon Pearl – Halcyon

‘Halcyon’, the latest single from Shannon Pearl, is released today, on this year’s Earth Day (22/04/22).

This will be the first official single in a string of works based on her experiences in nature. In particular, ‘Halcyon’ focuses on the climate emergency and the effect human kind is having on the planet.

Like previous releases it is evident that Pearl has taken inspiration from traditional folk music and infused it with her own Celtic ethereal style to create a somewhat cinematic soundtrack to her experience in a distinctive folk-pop genre.

The release date is set purposefully to align with Earth Day, “I have been sitting on these feelings for so long, the fear and helplessness in the wake of our changing climate. So I wanted to do something about it. As well as making some lifestyle changes that I hope make a difference, I wanted to raise awareness and channel my emotion the only way I know how, through music and creativity, hence this release”.

The release of Halcyon is accompanied by an official video created by James Berry of Torn Apart TV and a fundraiser for Friends of the Earth, a UK based grass-roots environmental campaigning charity…

“A shift in our collective conciousness is so urgently needed! I hope this track causes rumination on our state of disconnect from the Earth (our life source) and has a ripple effect from thought, to action, to change. Music has a magical way of conveying emotion. I want to move people to change and hopefully Halcyon does that”

Her previous EP Caves featured traditional folk songs of England and Scotland and Scandinavia, sung a cappella in areas of intense natural reverb (caves and caverns in the Lake District). These recordings are raw and unique to a specific time and space bringing the music right back into the heart of the landscape.

‘Halcyon’, the first single of three new connected bodies of work, all will feature found sound. If you listen closely you can hear field recordings collected by the artist whilst out in natural spaces – “The idea behind this was to give the Earth (a non verbal being) a voice.”

Pearl, though having used samples from nature in most of her works already, has expressed her interest in delving deeper in to the sound art world with up coming projects. “Incorporating natural organic frequency into musical works is fun and interesting to do, but I want to go one further and produce a body of work using only found sound that is more meaningful. Something that combines nature with art, music and science all at once! That’s all I can say on the matter for now, but I’m very excited to begin my exploration of the world through the medium of sonic interactions and field recording”.


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