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What are these little “bullets” attached to my eyes?!
I have been called something like a “beautiful blonde” and had some random blonde friends talk to me about me. When it came to my appearance, they looked at me like I was one of the “cool girls” and I got a lot of stares. However, what they rarely noticed was that I have two beautiful little red ‘bullets’ sticking directly out of my eyes like this… The only reason they were so hard to miss is due to how many times I wore them and how often they were removed from my eyes! My friends, on the other hand thought they were funny and sometimes even complimented me on my ‘curvy buns’ but when I saw the funny face that my ‘bullets’ would cause, I wasn’t having it any more! I could honestly tell this is just how my eyelashes are always supposed to look but they’ve never really been my thing so it always made me feel gross when they were removed. Now… this is what I call the “Bullets!”! These ‘bullet’ shaped eyelashes don’t look as cool or as perfect when you take them off once in awhile but when pulled the whole thing off they’re just like a pair of tiny, soft little red hairs! These little ones are actually designed by the company called Careprost, you are sure to tell that they look nothing like your regular eyebrow hairs but these ones are sure to wow your friends, especially those with small or delicate looking eyes!
Here is what my right side eyebrow looks like when I wear a pair of Careprost Eyelash Stimulation.
And look how long my left eyelash curls up!
What does Careprost Eyelash Stimulation work?
In CareProst Eyelash Stimulation, Careprost has created an eyelash serum that stimulates inner eyelashes to grow like never before, so that the outer eyelashes do not get too short and your inner lashes do not become too big, By increasing the amount of the serum delivered in three different ways, you can actually achieve some amazing results:
Increasing Up to 3.25% of eyelash volume through Careprost Eyelash Stimulation! Increase Up to 3.25% of eyelash volume through $4 for a three pack of three.


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