New Release: Rosie Thomas ft. Sufjan Stevens – We Should Be Together

Rosie Thomas returns to the holidays this year – this time with Mr Xmas himself, Sufjan Stevens.

Just in time for the Holidays, Rosie is releasing “We Should Be Together”…

“Christmas can be a bittersweet time, and the world can feel hopeless and lonely fairly often, but there’s some kind of magic around Christmas that brings hope and togetherness, or at least that possibility, which I guess is hope. Though this story is framed within a relationship, the larger themes and longings are more universal. We all need hope, and we need each other. The song started with my husband. He had the melody and arrangement and even the chorus. Together we worked on the verses. We’re a pretty great writing team, which just naturally came together over time, and has been really enjoyable. We finish eachother’s… sandwiches. This song’s a beauty, and it was great having Sufjan hop in and make it even richer of course – our little Christmas miracle himself.”