New Release: Roo Panes – The Sun Will Rise Over The Year

Following the March release of double a-side single ‘Colour In Your Heart’ / ‘Pacific’, Roo Panes continues to introduce new songs from his new EP with the sharing of new single ‘The Sun Will Rise Over The Year’.

Starting from a delicately finger-picked introduction, layered with whisperingly atmospheric strings, ‘The Sun Will Rise Over The Year’ gently builds from those quiet beginnings to an explosive crescendo where galloping drums drive the track onwards and upwards.

Talking about the song, Roo explains “This is a sentence that sometimes comes to mind when I’m feeling low and so I thought I’d make it a song. I started writing it in bed one morning, and I feel like I finished writing it in bed at my B&B on the Isle of Wight the day I demo’d it. It’s about trying to look beyond the moment you’re in, and not losing hope because even if at that moment you feel helpless, over time you may be surprised by how things shape out. I’d tell myself not everything is always solved in a day – it’s one big long sunrise at times. It was fun to throw around some new production and instrumental ideas too, it made sense to rock out a bit on this one, all be it a mellow rock out! “

Following the release of Roo’s 2019 third album Quiet Man, the 5 track Pacific EP will be released on May 22nd.


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