New Release: Roo Panes – Listen To The One Who Loves You

Roo Panes has announced the release of the lead single ‘Listen To The One Who Loves You’ from his upcoming new Pacific EP.

Starting off as a delicately simple combination of vocals and guitars, ‘Listen To The One Who Loves You’ gently swells into an ear-filling atmospheric delight as subtle horns, sweeping strings and gentle drum rhythms turn those delicate beginnings into a grandiose, cinematic ending.

When asked about the origins of the track Roo explains “I was just reflecting on how often our lives become defined by the voices we choose to listen to along the way, so many times I’ve seen people I love in distress because they let other people make their choices for them. So I guess this song is kind of about peer pressure, and the weight of all the voices in our world.”

Following the release of Roo’s 2019 third album Quiet Man, the 5 track Pacific EP will be released on May 22nd.


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