New Release: Roo Panes – Letter To The Boy

British songwriter Roo Panes has shared brand new track ‘Letter To The Boy’. Following on from recent single ‘Arcadia’, the track continues to build on the Nightjar and the Nightingale EP released earlier in 2022.

Opening with a plaintive fingerpicked guitar, ‘Letter To The Boy’ quickly finds Roo Panes’ commanding voice taking centre stage, matched only by the powerful imagery of the lyrics as he immediately sets the scene; “Letter to the boy on the ivory shore, who seeks a song amidst the ocean’s roar”. There’s a subtle confidence to the simplicity of the arrangement, with Roo’s tender falsetto adorned with gentle harmonies, accompanied by the shimmering beauty of reverb-soaked guitars and ambient pads, cymbal washes and uncomplicated drum hits; a dedication to serving the song with atmospheric flourishes that complement but never distract from the heart of everything.

The track sees Roo offering a sense of restorative calm to the listener, promising that a certain kind of solace is on the horizon as he declares “there’ll be peace and there’ll be warmth, and every day there’ll be a door”. Fittingly for its subject matter, the track ebbs and flows beautifully as the timeless melody is washed with dreamy ambience, resulting in an effortless piece of work that provides a peaceful antidote to the ills and stresses of daily life.

Roo Panes on ‘Letter To The Boy’: “The song as a whole is a reflection on things you would say to the “boy” you. Explaining a few of the hurdles and then finishing with the question “now you know – will you go?” The scene is set on an idealistic ivory shore that actually came as an image to me one night. It was a dark stormy sky with a child holding a candle hopefully, sheltering the flame against the wind, and I wrote into that. It reminded me of some of the beaches in north Scotland – so it kind of kickstarted a trip we took up to the Scottish isles for writing the album.”


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