New Release: Rachael Dadd – Kaleidoscope / Moon Sails

On 14th October 2022, songwriter Rachael Dadd is to release her brand new studio album Kaleidoscope. First taster is ‘Moon Sails’, which comes with a video directed by Narna Hue.

Like so many people disconnected from their communities and struggling through the lockdowns, Rachael Dadd turned inwards, seeking escape through music and connection through songwriting, and her hope is that when people listen to Kaleidoscope, “they will feel held and find space to breathe, grieve and celebrate.”

“The image of the sky appears many times on the album, representing boundless freedom from the mundanity and struggles of being human”, says Rachael. “Music, too, provides escapism and freedom, and I like that while both music and the sky can be boundless, they are also containers to preserve all the very best things. Here on ‘Kaleidoscope’ they are vessels for truth and love.”

“Music for me usually comes from a place where I’m in a state of flow and free-child: playful and explorative and sparked by the infinite possibilities that creating it can bring,” she continues, “so kaleidoscope, a toy with infinite possibilities of shape, colour and pattern, seemed like a really good title.”

Having been kissed on the cheek and told to pursue music at the age of 14 by Tori Amos, who along with Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell lit up a new universe of possibility and magic for her, showing Rachael a way to translate her own inner world into words and music, she went on to discover John Cage, Steve Reich and John Tavner. Creating avant-garde feedback loop experiments at Alton College also left a big impression on her, as did WARP artists such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Plaid and Broadcast, and more recently Elsa Hewitt. “I love synth worlds and it’s been really great to explore this more deeply on ‘Kaleidoscope’”, says Rachael, who also draws inspiration for the new record from Bristol’s contemporary jazz scene and artists like Ishmael Ensemble and Waldo’s Gift.

Co-produced by Rachael and Rob Pemberton (The Staves, Emily Barker, Maja Lena), Kaleidoscope includes musical collaborators such as Maja Lena (Low Chimes), long-time collaborator Emma Gatrill (Willy Mason), Alex Heane (bass), Charlotte West (synths), Alex Garden (strings) and Flux producer Marcus Hamblett (Villagers, James Holden, The Staves), giving the record “just the right colour combination, just the right pattern of shapes, plenty of space where needed and finally landing in a sound world that feels fresh and open and true” reflects Rachael.

Rachael will be performing some intimate instore shows to celebrate Kaleidoscope’s release as follows:

14 October – Sound Knowledge, Marlborough – instore (6pm)
15 October – David’s Music, Letchworth – instore (1pm)
15 October– Rough Trade West, London – instore (6pm)
16 October – Resident, Brighton – instore (6pm)
17 October – Friendly Records, Bristol – instore (7pm)

Rachael will be performing a special show at this year’s Glastonbury Festival on the Toad Hall stage at 11pm on 23 June.