New Release Premiere: Samantha Joy Pearlman – Real World

Photo Credit: Erik Freer

Samantha Joy Pearlman discovered her love of songwriting as she went through a string of heartbreaks: the breakup from her first love, the passing of her stepfather, and embarrassing mistakes in the throngs of grief and growing up. In the chaos of her “Saturn Returning,” she wrote songs to process the emotional turmoil of maturation and inevitable change. With the help of her friends, Andrew Fox and Graham Richman, along with 160 backers on Kickstarter, Samantha created 2 EPs documenting the end of her 20s and starting a new chapter of artistic expression.

Atonement, the first EP, is a retrospective of a young woman at a crossroads: will she hold onto the good little girl she’s always been or confront the parts of herself she spent her youth running away from?

The debut single, ‘Real World’, is a song for people who fall in love with the wrong person, and naively want to return to the good times. Created by Richman, Fox and Pearlman, the song straddles synthetic and organic universes featuring vocal padding and both electronic and analog instrumentation.

Listen to the world premiere of this stunning new track, below…

When asked about the EP, Samantha states: “Atonement is for the girl who only knew what she knew. With this EP, I hope to give grace to my listeners as they navigate the painful realization of being flawed and capable of mistakes. We all can transform the ugliness of growing up into beauty and self-love in our adult self. Curl up with, make love to, cry heaving sobs, and shake your booty to this record. Atonement gave me permission to heal, and I hope it inspires you to do the same.”

Samantha is no stranger to the stage. As an actress, playwright, and singer, she has performed all over the globe, from NYC to Shanghai to Prague. After performing an evening of Regina Spektor’s music at 54 Below, Samantha became increasingly inspired by female singer/songwriters like Spektor, Sara Bareilles, Emily King, Lady Gaga and Esperanza

With these two EPs, Samantha steps into her power as a vocalist and writer, singing with a new sense of agency and freedom.


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