New Release Premiere: LULLANAS – Highway Honey

Indie folk sister duo Atisha and Nishita Lulla, aka LULLANAS, are set to release their new single ‘Highway Honey’ tomorrow, but we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of the track today!

The new single is taken from their recently-announced debut EP, Before Everything Got Real, due April 24th. Though the sisters are twins, their idiosyncrasies inform a delicate and diaristic style wrapped in Americana warmth, folk eloquence, country storytelling, and unassuming pop ambition. Before Everything Got Real thrives on an inimitable and familial balance, with five tunes that artfully tap into the whimsy of childhood nostalgia.

Take an exclusive listen to ‘Highway Honey’, below….

Talking about the new track, the sisters state: “On one random probably Tuesday morning… when the sun was at that weird point in the sky shining through the window creating a rainbow, our song ‘Highway Honey’ was born. It’s about that person who is always there for you no matter what. Your ride or die. That person who can push through the walls you spent so long putting up. You reach a point where you can truly be yourself around someone. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does, it’s golden.”

Before going off to college at Penn State, Nishita’s father gifted her a guitar. Between Nishita’s “The Devil Wears Prada internship” in the fashion world and Atisha’s stint interning at a recording studio, that guitar unlocked a world of possibilities as the girls started formally writing… “It was very overwhelming for two Pennsylvania girls to be taking on New York City alone,” admits Nishita. “We were super vulnerable, so I was playing guitar a lot. One day, Atisha turned to me and said, ‘That doesn’t sound horrible!”

“Atisha began singing. Our first song was born. It was like a dream we never knew we had.”“Nothing ever felt so right,” adds Atisha. “Before graduation, we decided to do this.”

Music manifested itself in LULLANAS’ lives at a young age. Growing up in Pennsylvania, the girls recall how important music was on their many family road trips, with their dad listening to The Beatles, The Eagles and Shania Twain, while their mom favored Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton. Before heading to college, their dad gifted Nishita a guitar. That guitar unlocked a world of possibilities as the girls started formally writing as a way to cope with high-stress summer internships in an unfamiliar New York City.

Endless gigging followed as the pair picked up every show possible. The band performed in a graveyard, the produce section at Whole Foods, and anywhere else with a stage. Between gigs alongside Maggie Rose, Neal Carpenter, and Wild Rivers, they toured with Peter Bradly Adams.

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