New Release Premiere: KTG – Never Go Home

Irish singer-songwriter KTG – aka Katie Gallagher – prepares to release her debut mini-album, Searching For Magpies, on 26th September.

This week, she unveils her new single ‘Never Go Home’, which we are delighted to premiere today – take a listen below…

Katie tells us about the single: “Never Go Home is a fan favourite of mine from the live performances and always gets everyone up and singing! It’s all about having the best night ever and staying out the whole weekend (sure haven’t we all been there?) I think it is particularly appropriate to be releasing it just before we go back to school and work – I am a newly qualified music teacher and will be starting my full time job in September so I will be joining everyone as we scream ‘LET’S GO OUT ON FRIDAY’ etc etc! I think so often people want to be sensible and responsible but as the song says, ‘you won’t be alive longer than you’ll be dead’ and as a workaholic I sing the song to remind myself that it’s okay to let loose every now and again.”

KTG’s soft, folk-tinged vocals soar effortlessly over the vibrant musicality, reminding us immediately of the likes of Laura Marling or Wallis Bird. Throughout the mini-album, KTG combines modern folk, pop and even country-tinged sensibilities to create a sound that is both playful and poignant.

Talking about the mini-album, KTG elaborates, “the album is based on the old wives tale for Magpies (one for sorrow, two for joy etc.) each track relates to one of the lines in the rhyme. It was inspired by my fascination for magpies and how paranoid I get when I only see one magpie by itself.”

Originally from Ballymahon, County Longford, KTG has been honing her musical skills since the tender age of five. Now 22, KTG has gone from strength to strength, completing her first tour of Ireland in 2018.

With Searching For Magpies, KTG hopes to captivate listeners further with her unique blend of folk-pop.

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