New Release Premiere: Hayes Peebles – Airways

Native New Yorker Hayes Peebles releases his new track Airways tomorrow, and we’re delighted to bring you the premiere of this superb and timeless Americana track

Have a listen below…

Talking about the track, Peebles states, ‘So the song was written entirely in an airport bar in Edinburgh, where I was living then. I was on my way home to see my family for Christmas and at the time I was doing a ton of journaling trying to keep track of all these different little things I did in different place so it wouldn’t all become a blur. I was super early to the airport (as always) and had all this time to kill so was drinking a bunch of pints and finishing off journal entries and trying to collect sort of a “highlights reel” so I’d be ready to share all of this cool shit with my family and people I cared about.

So basically as I drank more beer all these journal entries started looking a lot more like lyrics and started developing rhythms. So I started to pluck individual experiences and certain lines from this journal I carried everywhere and put them into verses on top of some chords I had been messing around with previously. By the time I did board my flight the song was pretty much in place, which is where the song got its name.

Throughout there are specific references to going out looking for dive bars in Denmark during a blizzard and slipping on ice all night, or packing myself into this tiny Italian clown car to go to some beach outside of Rome with a bunch of people I’d never met and then eventually the last verse about being able to go home where there was also, in theory, all this warmth waiting for me. So in some ways the song was actually about getting drunk in this airport and reflecting on these experiences, but also the experiences themselves- just flipping through this journal and putting my finger on a page and realizing that all this day-to-day writing I had been doing sort of as a task was actually super valuable and brought me tons of joy and also had potential to become something much more interesting, like a song called Airways I suppose’

In addition to Airways, Hayes is also set to unveil the B-side tomorrowBut again, you don’t have wait until then to hear it! Give Bella a spin, here…

Peebles may be just shy of 25 years old but his songs feel timeless. Inspired by traditional American songwriters and classic country, he draws the listener in with expansive soundscapes, intimate lyrics and rich baritone vocals

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