New Release Premiere: Graeme James – Wish You Well

We’re delighted to bring you the premiere of the new Graeme James release, which sees him cut loose in his raucous, foot-stomping new single Wish You Well

Talking about the release, Graeme has told TFFT, “‘Wish You Well’ was written to try to capture the conflicted emotions I felt when a good friend was about to board a plane and head off on a long around the world journey. It’s that simultaneous feeling of not wanting someone to leave and being genuinely excited for them. Now that I think about it – those two emotions are probably the essence of a good farewell party”

Have a listen below…

Partly recorded in an old wooden hall after one of his live shows, this folk-country dance tune laments the imminent departure of an old friend who is about to board a plane and travel the world. Fittingly, the friend in question hailed from small town Texas, where folks still frequent dance halls on a Friday night for a good ol’ fashioned boot scoot

Wish You Well is fitting in more way than one, as Graeme James looks to relocate to Europe in mid-2018 as a platform for further touring. Catch his captivating one-man-band show on the road this October/November in what is likely to be his last full New Zealand tour in a while. Wish him well with a hoot and a holler, and be sure to have a boogie to a song he never knew would ring so true even for himself

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