New Release: Nick Mulvey – New Mythology / Star Nation

Nick Mulvey’s third album, New Mythology, has been announced and is set to be released on 10th June.

New Mythology is an album that centres on “interbeing”, the interconnectedness we share with all life, a collection of songs that meets this moment in time head-on and shows Mulvey’s exceptional talent for putting complex, philosophical ideas into three-minute songs.

The album release is preceeded by new track ‘Star Nation’. The song is a microscope into the musical exploration Nick has gone on over the four years since his second record Wake Up Now. ‘Star Nation’ is both a tender and stark beginning, which speaks about finding answers in times of deep crisis through courage, rituals and playfulness, with a video directed by Kate Bellm forming a stunning accompaniment.

Nick Mulvey states, “I’m singing about our times. The time of the lone wolf is done! We are at the beginning of a collective awakening. My song weaves ancient teachings (Hopi Prayer / Nyingma Buddhism) through the lyric and a joyfulness in the melodies and chords. Particularly in these times, joy can be a powerful tool. It is not apathy. I hope my song brings you joy.”

The album explores the vulnerability of the everyday human experience; becoming a father, sickness and death, navigating the pandemic, but also Nick’s journey to compute the scope and scale of his feelings: an attempt to embody the personal all the way to the planetary – and grasp their true inseparability. ‘Star Nation’, and ‘Begin Again’ – released during the pandemic – both sow the seeds of this interconnected space.

New Mythology was recorded during the pandemic in Paris with renowned producer Renaud Letang [Manu Chao, Feist, Connan Mockasin] at Studio Ferber – which miraculously remained open whilst the city was in lockdown. Nick also credits his friends and family, teachers past and present who’ve helped him arrive at this point – from mentors like the Polynesian ambassador and elder Aunty Ivy, the life’s work of Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Berry’s collection of essays evening thoughts and Mac Macartney’s book The Children’s Fire. Further inspiration Nick credits to his beloved homeland of Britain, his ever deepening kinship to the land, ancestors and the living world. Now, Mulvey finds himself at the precipice of change and is ready to share his raw musings with the world.