New Release: Nick Mulvey – Begin Again

Nick Mulvey has shared a brand new track, ‘Begin Again’. The single is the first of three new releases in the coming weeks, culminating in the release of the Begin Again EP on June 5th.

‘Begin Again’ sees Nick endeavour to inspire connection in a time of chaos. What are the routes out of this global health crisis? As structures we once considered fixed crumble before our eyes, how will we choose to rebuild? Nick does not claim to have the answers, but rather reflects on where we might look for guidance.

In the face of our urgently uncertain future, ‘Begin Again’ serves as a reminder of the rich pastures of wisdom that can be found through reconnecting with our families. It is loosely inspired by Nick’s journey to discover more about his grandmother, Mary, who died before he was born. He sought to learn more about her and was able to establish a deep connection with her through moving accounts of her teachings, rooted deeply in compassion and mutual respect. The track seeks to envelop the listener in its uplifting, sincere message of the importance of interconnection.

“I see chaos but I also see the opportunity for a new world, and a more beautiful one,” Nick says. “We are living through an incredible shift. The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes. In a way, my songs are songs of the new ways coming through.” Nick’s humble and compassionate analysis of our potential as human beings offers a poignant perspective on the question; when Coronavirus has passed, how will we begin again?

‘Begin Again’ is Nick’s first release since his 2019 song ‘In The Anthropocene’, a single that was pressed onto the innovative Ocean Vinyl, a world-first in record making being made entirely from recycled ocean plastic washed up and reclaimed from UK beaches. The release also generated funds for Surfers Against Sewage to help with their work and is a pertinent example of Nick’s ambition to innovate and use his music to inspire positive change.


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