New Release: New Morning Blues – A Face In The Mirror

Comprising Joanna Backovic and Ian de Sylva, the duo that make up New Morning Blues weave compelling tales through a fusion of folk, country and indie, with a soundscape that ranges from the celestial to the cinematic.

Their debut single, “A Face in the Mirror”, is taken from their upcoming debut album, London, set for release on the 5th June 2021. On “A Face In The Mirror” Ian’s earthy voice and Joanna’s dewdrop tones merge as one over a mesmerizing tapestry of delicate guitars, graceful piano and elegant strings, all driven by a refined rhythm section. Ian remarks of the song: “I dreamt I was watching a country and western movie with a compelling soundtrack, so I tried to replicate that when I woke up!”

New Morning Blues is a brand new collaboration from Joanna Backovic and Ian de Sylva. Although a married couple who run a music studio together in Soho, this is the first time they have created music together. From atmospheric alt/folk duets reminiscent of Mazzy Star at their dusky, delicate best; to lovelorn masteries of Nancy & Lee ambition, New Morning Blues are a potent new pairing.

Joanna and Ian also run a music studio together in Soho and, despite being married, this is the first time they’ve combined their musical talents, with the resultant sound falling somewhere between Fleet Foxes, Lee Hazlewood and Simon and Garfunkel.


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