New Release: My Morning Jacket – John Dyes Her Hair Red

My Morning Jacket have revealed a new track from their reissue of The Tennessee Fire, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of their debut record – released August 2nd

The album is sent to feature 16 unreleased songs, demos, and outtakes, including the never before heard, lo-fi track “John Dyes Her Hair Red”

Listen below…

In a statement about the record, Jim James stated: “Wow. I cannot believe it has now been over 20 years since we recorded THE TENNESSEE FIRE on my cousin John’s grandparents farm out in ShelbyvillE, KY in a little studio called “Above the Cadillac”. What a life changing time that was for me — a cosmic door opening to a new universe, thanks to the generosity of family and the spirits of music and connection, I have been so lucky to encounter. We tried to do as many fucked up things as we could that we loved and hoped folks would enjoy. We laughed a lot and we cried some too, ha. We are so grateful and humble that people are still enjoying it so many years later, and we also really love playing these songs live still after all these years, ha ha ha”


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