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With the release of new album Life Drawing just over a fortnight away on 10th July, and having previously shared the tracks ‘Beast In The House’, ‘Watering Can’ and ‘On The Beach’, Mr Ben & The Bens have today shared a new track “Danny” from the LP.

Of the track, bandleader Ben Hall says: “Danny is a song I wrote over a super-frenetic new-wave guitar line. The syllables ‘Danny’ came out of the ether during the writing process and I liked how the name sat in the song so decided to write a tune that would sit in the great lineage of name-led pop songs. The song deals with what I think is a totally underwritten topic of unrequited friendship. I decided to keep the age and identity of Danny totally ambiguous and rather lean on locations in the song to move the narrative forward. We added some bombastic Bruce Springsteen style baritone guitar in the studio which really makes the song pop!’”

After the celestial adventures of Mr Ben and the Bens’ previous issue, Ben Hall finds all the magic he needs on earth with his new album, Life Drawing. On 2019’s Who Knows Jenny Jones?, Hall plotted the story of a young, shy Pitsmoor woman who returned from an alien encounter newly armed with serious disco-dancing know-how. Life Drawing, meanwhile, looks closer to home for its inspiration – Sheffield and thereabouts – for twelve brightly plaintive, character-driven vignettes, set to warm, acoustic, indie-psyche-pop backdrops after its predecessor’s close encounters of the synth-driven kind.

A “cloudy thread of narrative” is present, Hall explains, but this time it’s left open for listeners to map routes through it. “The idea with the title is that the songs are character sketches, and their stories coalesce in a place that has a bit of all the towns in the North of England I’ve lived in. Bits of myself in the stories came out unintentionally, so I’d like it if the listener could find those semi-truths from the songs and place them into their own experiences.”

Vibrant invitation to start exploring arrives with album opener ‘On the Beach’, where Hall’s tender vocal and dreamy organ provide simpatico companions to a wistful tale of a visit to a beach charged with memories – one of many evocative locales on the album. ‘How Do You Do?’ brings to mind Belle and Sebastian at their dreamiest, while seeding enviro-metaphors – suns and moons, storms and tides, rain and snow, “Whatever the weather may do” – that figure strongly throughout the album’s every-day rhapsodies.

Plenty of melodic sticking power propels the urgent ‘Danny’, where beaches and seas provide backdrops for a character study about someone reaching out for connection. At the opposite extreme, the gorgeous ‘Astral Plane’ is a sweetly psychedelic lament, images of waves and shores lapping gently against the tale of a “barely functioning” character. ‘Faithful Hound’ is a country-sad ballad, ‘Minor Keys’ a retro doo-wop-ish reverie about a character blithely “at sea” and wasting the day away, all set to a waltzing-Wurlitzer melody.

For Hall, Life Drawing is a rich, rewarding step forward in a still-young career. With the exception of Zac Barfoot on drums, Hall is the sole player on the album’s lovingly layered recordings, his first in “a proper studio – analogue gear, proper piano”. David C Glover and Paul Gregory also contributed as, respectively, producer and mixer at Tesla Studios, while the band’s live line-up is fleshed out by Barfoot, Lauren Paige-Dowling (bass) and Tom Diffenthal (guitar/keyboards). Members of the close-knit Bingo Records community, the bandmates co-habit in Sheffield and moonlight in each other’s bands – “A nice family vibe,” notes Hall.

Before Hall tours Life Drawing, a combined launch party and exhibition will take place in Sheffield, in a true DIY spirit. Describing himself as a “self-sustaining artist”, Hall makes his own oil paintings and ceramics, one of which features on the album sleeve. “The cover is a carved slipware plate that I make. It’s a super-old technique, so they look like old museum artefacts that have been unearthed. I like the idea that the archaeology side to the art is a nice metaphor for digging out stories to make into songs.” On Life Drawing, every picture tells a lovingly excavated story, rendered with hand-crafted charm and beauty.

Mr Ben and the Bens have announced news of their rescheduled Spring tour with all the dates moving to September and some new shows being added. Upcoming live shows below…

Friday 4th September – York – Fulford Arms
Saturday 5th September – Margate – Elsewhere
Monday 7th September – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
Tuesday 8th September – Bristol – The Louisiana
Wednesday 9th September – Sheffield – Picture House Social
Thursday 10th September – Edinburgh – Sneaky Petes
Friday 11th September – Glasgow – Broadcast
Sunday 13th September – Preston – The Ferret
Monday 14th September – Manchester – Gullivers
Tuesday 15th September – Guildford – The Boileroom
Wednesday 16th September – Portsmouth – Wedgwood Rooms
Thursday 17th September – Brighton – Green Door Store
Friday 18th September – Cambridge – The Blue Moon
Saturday 19th September – London – The Lexington
Sunday 20th September – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club


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