New Release: Mike Polizze – Long Lost Solace Find / Revelation

Long Lost Solace Find, the debut solo album from Mike Polizze, has been announced for release on July 31st. Performed entirely by Polizze with longtime friend Kurt Vile and recorded by War on Drugs engineer Jeff Zeigler, this intimate Philadelphia affair clarifies the bittersweet earworm melodicism of Dizzy Polizzy’s songwriting, revealing bona fide folk-pop chops.

“This record is largely acoustic, mellow, and almost without electric guitar,” Polizze writes in this sweet handwritten note. With the announcement comes the release of lead single “Revelation,” an instantly winsome number which features Kurt Vile on backing vocals and surprise trumpet, epitomizing Polizze’s fresh sonic approach as a solo artist.

As Vile puts it: “I love this music so much. ‘Revelation’ is the summer jam I needed, and this is absolutely my summer record. I’m not just sayin’ that because Mike is my bro, and I happened to play and sing on it.” He goes on to say: “I’m so proud and honored to have made the cut on five jams. I remember one day, fresh from the road, I brought over a National resonator that I had just bought on tour… some harmonicas… and my trumpet (on request) and, shit, I gotta say that might be the best trumpet I done laid down in a while’s time… for you, Mike! So many of these songs give me chills.” Kurt reflects further that “I think we all could use these catchy, beautiful jams in our respective quarantines (physical and mental)… I needed this shit! Mike Polizze is the guitar god of Philly, and Jeff Zeigler (recording king) knocked this one out the park, baby.”

Although Mike’s scheduled European tour in support of Kurt has unfortunately been cancelled due to the pandemic.