New Release: Michael Kiwanuka – 13th Century Metal

Photo Credit: Olivia Rose

Michael Kiwanuka has unveiled a reworking of Brittany Howard’s “13th Century Metal”. The acclaimed British musician brings Afrobeat-inspired groove to the song, which is from Howard’s GRAMMY-nominated debut solo album, Jaime.

Describing the process, Michael explains: “I was so excited to get to work on this project as I’ve always been a big fan of Brittany’s music. Knowing this particular track and being such a fan of her voice, I wanted to not meddle with her voice, and then to make it front and center. She sounds so victorious when she sings and speaks, so the music I made was governed by that.”

Read our review of Brittany Howard’s superb Jaime, HERE and Kiwanuka’s glorious 2019 self-titled release, HERE.


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