New Release: Matthew E. White – No Future In Our Frontman

Matthew E. White has announced the ‘No Future In Our Frontman’ project with today’s release of No Future In Our Frontman – a new song, written and performed by White, about the current political disaster in which we find ourselves

“I believe that Donald Trump is a corrupt, depraved and incapable leader. Along with being unconscionably egomaniacal, his presidency regularly traffics in our worst prejudices, peddles bigotry, and violently disregards truth by both encouraging ignorance and actively participating in deceit. This song is an acknowledgement of our current political disaster and a call for resistance” states Matthew E. White

Listen to No Future In Our Frontman below…

The ‘No Future In Our Frontman’ project will see a wide list of artists covering this song including Natalie Prass and Bedouine. A new EP-sized volume of covers will become available digitally every Friday for the next 3 weeks, with the final volume taking the form of a full album-length compendium of the releases on Friday, Nov 2nd – a few days prior to the US primary elections on Nov 6th. The first EP will be out digitally tomorrow, Friday Oct 19th. The Matthew E. White version of No Future In Our Frontman will also be available on 7”, coupled with a B-side instrumental version

Proceeds from the ‘No Future In Our Frontman’ project will go to charities benefiting US voter participation and registration

No Future In Our Frontman – Volumes 1-3 – contributors:

Matthew E. White
Luisa Gerstein
PC Worship (Justin Frye, Mike Etten & Greg Fox)
Cameron Ralston
Alex Spalding & Adrian Olsen
DJ Harrison
Natalie Prass
Josh Kantor
Angelica Garcia
Erin Rae & Jerry Bernhardt
Anna B. Savage
Kevin Devine
Pinson Chanselle
Andy Jenkins
Hand Habits
Chase Pittman feat. Lara Smith and Zack Trowbridge


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