New Release: Martin Callingham – Scully

Martin Callingham – the alternative folk musician from Bristol, UK – is set to release a gorgeous sophomore album Patterns, due for release this November. Ahead of the release, he has unveiled new track, ‘Scully’.

‘Scully’ is set around poignant and rustic acoustic guitars which make way for Martin’s striking hushed vocal. There’s a vintage feel pervading the track with tremolo guitar and bass adding nicely to the late-night reflective moods of the song.

The first single from Patterns, it was recorded by Jim Barr (Portishead, Get the Blessing) at J&J Studios, Bristol and is accompanied by a beautifully animated video…

Speaking on how the new single came about, Callingham said “I used to work at a film and photography hire studio in Bristol. If a shoot ran late, there was often nothing I needed to do but wait for the client to leave so that I could lock up and go home. Gulls would nest on the flat roof of the studio from spring. There was a window from an office just above the studio roof through which you could watch them build their nest, see their chicks hatch and the parent gulls fly off in shifts, returning with scavenged food. By about August, the chicks would have flown the nest and it was ok to go out onto the roof and wait in the setting sun for whatever was being shot below to wrap. Scully was conceived on such an occasion. It has nothing to do with Gillian Anderson’s character in The X-Files.”


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