New Release: Marika Hackman – i’m not where you are

Photo Credit: Joost Vandeburg

Marika Hackman returns with melodic earworm ‘i’m not where you are’ and is showing off a sharper and more liberated sound than ever before

‘i’m not where you are’ “is about breaking up with people, or self-sabotaging relationships” Marika explains “that feeling of not trusting ones emotions because you can’t seem to get to the same place as the other person. On the surface it seems like an arrogant ‘everybody falls in love with me’ kind of song but its actually incredibly lonely, introspective and self deprecating”

‘i’m not where you are’ has been co-produced by David Wrench (Frank Ocean, The xx, Let’s Eat Grandma) and Marika herself

Take a listen below…

‘i’m not where you are’ fits into a wider narrative, in which the process of writing was cathartic and – as the best songwriters do – she has strengthened her own voice through the process, exploring herself and emerging with a widescreen, heavy-hitting and…sexy new sound

Marika has deployed synthesisers that recall the off-kilter, oddball hits of OMD or New Order and places them at the heart of ‘i’m not where you are’. For all the urgency of the backing music, Marika’s natural delivery and sensuous tone offers a dreamlike quality to the proceedings and allows her to look within to find answers that make sense outside

Having recently teased new music at the BBC 6 Music festival, Marika is gearing up to an exciting year of touring. Watch this space.


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