New Release: Marchelle Bradanini – Red White & Blues, ft. Tristen

Photo Credit: Balee Greer

LA-based singer/songwriter, Marchelle Bradanini has grown artistically and politically as well as growing her family since her last musical release under the Pony Boy moniker. As the primary caregiver for her two young children and unable to tour, she found herself refocused on the local political arena following the 2016 presidential election. All the while, the prolific artist’s creativity flourished in the recording studio resulting in the viscerally potent new single “Red White & Blues” featuring Nashville-based singer/songwriter Tristen.

Produced by her longtime collaborator Adam Landry (Deer Tick) with Amy Wood (Fiona Apple) on drums, “Red White & Blues” comments on the “brutal pendulum swing” from the Obama presidency to Trump’s. The defiant folk rock single grapples with what society—not to mention the music industry at large—would have her be. Harnessing an Angel Olsen-esque dramatic grandeur, the song takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the romantic decay of feminism with the goth-noir flair.

Take a listen below…

“I recently discovered the term, Kakistocracy, which is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. While that seems to sum up this administration adequately, a lot of mothers and women in general can be quick to demote our self-worth and confidence in our own abilities. In a world of wife-bots, nepotism, suppression and plutocrats, it can feel like we’re screaming into the void. Everyday we see people sticking their necks out and realizing it’s time to get off the sidelines (even if the game is rigged). These difficult times have been a wakeup call that there is no perfect moment to do something we’ve put off or have been afraid to try. We deserve to be heard. “Red White & Blues” is my anthem for the ‘losers’“


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