New Release: Luke De-Sciscio – Told You

Luke De-Sciscio has shared a third track from his forthcoming album. “Told You” is taken from the British folk musician’s debut album, Good Bye Folk Boy, released on 14th March.

Similarly to Luke’s prior introductory tracks, ‘I’m A Dream Fighting Out Of A Man” and “R.O.B.Y.N”, “Told You” is another lilting, finger-picked mood song that creates a strong sense of atmosphere and is described by De-Sciscio as a “stream of conscious outpouring.”

He continues: “the darkness and the sum of my actions, the self-serving chaos I was summoning up, and had been for years which led to the snap that necessitated the album’s birth all sort of takes full flight at this point on the record. It’s the tantrum that leaves itself behind. It’s the ultimate forgiveness song.

“I think a lot of people can maybe get through their life without ever realising they are the gravity at the centre of their own black hole.”

Take a listen below…

De-Sciscio was born and raised on the outskirts of Swindon. He spent his youth roaming around Stanton Country Park, daydreaming, fishing and writing songs. “My dad used to call me Tom Cat, because I only used to come in for food,” he says.

Introduced to the guitar by his Grandad, once a guitarist in the RAF band, Luke began writing and recording music in his teens, “My theory was that I knew what I wanted to do, so I just got on with it,” he says.

He moved to Bath, where he met Robyn. As time went by, the couple found themselves owners of a 100-year-old canal boat. It may sound idyllic – and it was, mostly – but it was also tough – no electricity or heating, and a different mechanical problem to contend to each week. Nevertheless, it did give Luke the space to explore his guitar-playing and perfect his songs, jettisoning the confines of his influences and any muddy notion of what he thought he should sound like.

“It was damp, and difficult, but life on the boat was also magical,” he says. “That was when I first heard guitar playing properly. And life became very slow and very focused. When there are so few other distractions, everything changes. We neglected everything but the boat and each other for that first year. It was so slow and so pure.”

It was only for the fact recording music became too challenging on board that the couple headed for dry land, although, as life got easier, productivity ground to a halt.

“Songs suffered from not being written in the same environmental head space. Central heating got the better of me, basically. The ability to store cold food … so many things.”

While adapting to new surroundings took time, songwriting talent such as Luke’s doesn’t disappear. He has, after all, written at least an album’s worth of songs every year since he was 16. At 27, he now has significant experience to draw upon, not to mention a catalogue of work that would shame most veterans.

“I suppose it was always just a way of charting my own evolution,” he says of the now-hidden recordings. “It was never about releasing them or ‘making it’ – my belief is that if you’re creating something you love, you have already made it. And I just knew that I would go crazy if wasn’t writing.”

Tour dates as follows…

11-15th March – The New Colossus Festival, New York
12th March – Map Room The Bowery Electric, New York
13th March – Arlene’s Grocery, New York
13th March – MOSCOT, New York
14th March – Arlene’s Grocery, New York
14th March – Pianos, New York
15th March – Arlene’s Grocery, New York
March 2020 – SXSW, Austin Texas
2nd April – SET, Dalston London
24th April – Chapel Arts Centre, Bath


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