New Release: LT Wade – Side By Side

NYC based singer/songwriter LT Wade has shared the second single from his upcoming album Requiem For The American Dream, which will be released 24th April.

The track titled ’Side By Side’ is a markedly more experimental track for Wade as he notes that, “I played with the boundaries of what is considered normal for me to sound like as an artist coming from a rock ’n’ roll background. It’s a bold sound and I’m glad that I found a way to present it in a way that I hope the listener will find compelling.”

Listen below…

Requiem For The American Dream is the second full length record from British artist and producer LT Wade. A social commentary on the death of the ‘American Dream’. Wade based in New York City has created a record full of meaning and truths wrapped in the analog sonics of 70’s record production. A non stop narrative of the times we live in and the troubles we face as a society.

The album recorded in New York and London UK, Wade has worked with long time collaborators Olly Betts (The Duke Spirit), Grant Zubritsky (Chet Faker/Maggie Rogers/Verite) and with guest appearances from Elle Wade (FURS), Si McCabe (Black Wire) and Tim Davis.

Requiem For The American Dream tracklist…

  1. Welcome To The USA
  2. Caravan
  3. You Can’t Come In
  4. Side By Side
  5. We Call BS
  6. Parkland
  7. Looking For A War
  8. Retrograde
  9. One Percent
  10. Money
  11. Imagine Us


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