New Release: Lindsay Munroe – River

Lindsay Munroe has released new track ‘River’, the follow-up to ‘Split’. Whilst ‘Split’ indulged in the guttural discomfort of early PJ Harvey, ‘River’ finds Munroe experimenting with celestial textures; the song becoming a boundless expanse blessed with a glistening light.

The result of an unsettling relationship experience, Munroe and producer Chris Hamilton (Lump, Torres) decided to endow ‘River’ with the space Munroe required to flush out the residue.

“I was in a long-term relationship that ended very suddenly and with a lot of heartbreak, but we were back together within 48 hours”, explains Munroe. “Months later I found myself still experiencing heartbreak and broken trust but not knowing what to do with it.

“In each verse, I weigh up the options of how to respond; initially I ignore my feelings and deny them, but by the end I reach acceptance”.

‘River’ is the third single to be taken from forthcoming EP Our Heaviness; a redemptive collection of songs exploring former religious restraints, body image and much beyond. It sees the light of day on June 19th. Two headline shows follow this September in Manchester and London.


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