New Release: Lindsay Munroe – Hornets

Lindsay Munroe’s new single ‘Hornets’ is an angular, show of compassion for the ‘other woman’.

Her second release on producer/songwriter Steph Marziano’s label Common Language, it continues where previous single, ‘Weekend Love’, left off. While ‘Weekend Love’ began extolling the inherent freedom of casual relationships, it ended with a question of that partner’s next relationship. ‘Hornets’ is a pep talk for all ‘new girls’ taking on problematic exes, as Munroe explains.

She said: “Hornets’ is a message of solidarity to them saying ‘even if this plays out terribly, you’re not only going to be ok, you’re going to be better off. Through the ups and downs of romantic relationships my biggest lesson has been the sustaining power of female relationships and the solidarity that comes with them. There’s anger and outrage in this song, but it’s also a love letter to the hours spent comforting and building one another up, my public pep talk that reflects all the private pep talks I’ve received and given.”

The foreboding opening of ‘Hornets’ makes for an intriguing counterplay to Munroe’s message of reassurance. The big chorus – a feature of Munroe’s recent output – isn’t far around the corner though, the shadows fading as Munroe’s voice rains like hail over scintillating guitars. “Trust me” she pleads powerfully, overcoming jealousy to offer a hand of support to the ‘new girl’.

Based in Manchester, Munroe is a brazen yet assured talent who derives inspiration from the likes of Marika Hackman and King Princess, as well as her academic grounding in feminist theory, and theology.

Munroe has just finished work on her second EP. Scheduled for later this year, it’s also produced by Marziano. She plays headline shows in Manchester and London this November.


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