New Release: Lawson Hull – Sweetheart, ft. Old Sea Brigade

Photo Credit: Tevita Tangulu

Fresh off of the release of his new EP Hangin’ Out With Cowboys, Australian artist Lawson Hull unveils a new song and collaboration with labelmate Ben Cramer, better known as Old Sea Brigade.

“Sweetheart” was written remotely over video calls back and forth between the songwriters, and the result is a moving story of unrequited love. The tender melodies bounce over mesmerizing guitar lines and heartwarming string arrangements.

“Sweetheart is the result of my first ever video call collaboration,” explains Lawson. “I met with Ben, better known as Old Sea Brigade – always been a fan! It was awkward and clunky, as you’d imagine but in all the right ways. Since you can’t hear and connect as well as you’d like, you’re forced to listen more and workshop ideas with some intention. Ben worked with the big time Owen Lewis on all the instrumentation from Nashville and I tracked the vocals here in Aus. They’re a power couple and absolutely nailed the sound that fit with mine.”

“In the song, we came up with a picture of a guy who’s clinging to what might’ve been a good relationship; at least he thought it had potential. You don’t get much of an idea of the lover except that maybe she simply got busy, lost interest, and drifted away. Maybe he was a loser and didn’t know it. He stays up till 4 AM and checks her Instagram before going to sleep. Kind of sad, though, he’d pictured them having the summer of their lives. Now he just lays in this garden they made together :-(“


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