New Release: Laura Fell – Safe From Me / Cold

Laura Fell has released ‘Cold’ – the second single ahead of her debut album Safe from Me.

A psychotherapist by day, Safe from Me is a search for answers from a woman always expected to have them to hand. And it’s on ‘Cold’ where Fell reveals the results of her search – “I can’t find the answers for myself / it’s easier to help somebody else”, she sings ruefully.

Listen below…

Following the lead single ‘Bone of Contention’, ‘Cold’ examines the fears that come with entering a relationship; a looming threat that can be heard in the pensive, almost creeping, percussion. At first, Fell sings in a malicious whisper, but her pretense soon vanishes when her trademark Aldous Harding-like deep tones come to the fore.

Speaking of the track, Fell says: “This song is about the vulnerability of entering into a new relationship – wanting to open yourself fully, but fearful of doing this too soon – and essentially asking someone not to reject or judge you when you show them the messier parts of yourself.”

While, as we learn on ‘Cold’, her search for answers may not have been entirely successful, it was a journey Fell dedicated herself to wholeheartedly. Indeed, she held down three jobs to fund the record, assembling classically trained musicians and their flugelhorns, cellos, saxophones and double bass to take the songs well beyond their acoustic guitar genesis.

London-based, Fell only started playing music at 25 when the poetry she had been writing for almost a decade began to feel more like songs. This talent for wordsmithery stretches throughout Safe from Me; Fell invites you to claw at the soil until you strike gold – the meaning will eventually be unearthed.


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