New Release: L’aupaire – Lisbon

Rising Berlin artist L’aupaire embodies a vintage tenor on ‘Lisbon’ – a 70s inspired daydream reminiscent of heritage Fleetwood Mac. The playful guitar heard throughout ‘Lisbon’ allows one to visualise a vacation away from reality, and in L’aupaire’s case, an escape from the often dreary Berlin weather.

Robert Laupert on ‘Lisbon’: “Whenever someone talks about fireside, tea or the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine – I think to disappear south [to Lisbon] … ‘Lisbon’ is a tribute to escaping the long and dark winter in Berlin. Who hasn’t thought about that? Just go. Now. No looking back.”

The single’s soundscape is one that emits pure joy, and accompanying L’aupaire on his iridescent getaway is Hamburg musician Lùisa. “I asked her if she would like to sing about ‘Lisbon’–because it was ready–but something was still missing. She then did it perfectly and breathed new life into the song,” says Robert.

Lùisa tells us: “I was really happy when L’aupaire asked me if I would like to feature his song. It’s great that our collaboration with “Lisbon” is now released into the world!”

During the track he revisits his retreat to Portugal, where Robert lived a blissful life on nothing but sea air, port wine, orange juice and pastéis de nata. The song is lifted from his third LP due out Spring 2022.