New Release: Keaton Henson – Limb

In the long days and even longer weeks of lockdown back in Autumn 2020, Keaton released his new record. It was a fragile, meditative and emotional unravelling at grief in the aftermath of losing his father. For all its hushed acoustics, Monument cocooned its emotion in some beautiful melodies and arrangements. A warm embrace of a record.

Written at a similar time to the album, new single ‘Limb’ didn’t follow Monument’s poignant, personal subject matter, but deserved a separate moment to breathe by its own accord.

Typically, Keaton’s voice here give these new lyrics a quiet strength, and an almost frozen romanticism. It’s a voice sharing an inner turmoil, yet that turmoil carries with it a sense of power, and a happy sadness.

As Monument continues to be discovered and pored over, ‘Limb’ starts a whole new story within a story. As one book closes, another chapter begins.


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