New Release: Karine Polwart – Faultlines

Karine Polwart has just shared another new track from her upcoming new album, due for release new week

Faultlines is lifted from Karine’s new record, A Pocket Of Wind Resistance, the musical accompaniment to​ her successful theatre production ‘Wind Resistance’, which is now published script via Faber & Faber and currently in residence at Edinburgh’s Lyceum theatre

Take a listen to Faultlines below…

Karine says; “Everywhere around us, survival is a near mythic effort, beautiful and devastating. Everywhere, too, is evidence of our individual and collective desire to protect and sustain life. How do we hang onto it, when so much of modern living would erode it​?”​​

​Karine’s new album was informed by a ​close hand view of geese migrating to Fala Flow, a small peat bog close to her Edinburgh home. Fascinated by the way the birds used their skeins to create pockets of wind resistance to aid each other’s flight, Polwart considers the ways in which humans depend​ ​on each other​.​ “It’s a meditation on the ways in which we, as humans, protect and care for one another, and for all life, by stepping up, falling back, labouring and resting in our own fashion​”​



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