New Release: Josh T. Pearson – Cover Me

Josh T. Pearson has released his cover version of Depeche Mode’s Cover Me, a track he’d previously remixed for the band in 2017. Listen to the track below…

Pearson explains, “I just wanted to do a JTP-style country version, strip it down to show that at its essence, it’s a classic song. It’s all gut music anyway, the good stuff at least, the stuff that really moves you and makes you shiver. Depeche Mode has been one of my all time favorite bands since the ‘80s. ‘People are People’ was my third cassette tape bought. As a kid from the Texas countryside, pre-internet, you’d never heard such sounds before. Felt like they were space aliens speaking directly to your soul, speaking in tongues a hidden language, which communicated exactly what words alone could not”

Cover Me is the B-side to A Love Song (Set Me Straight) which is out August 21 as a two-track bundle and is taken from Pearson’s latest album, The Straight Hits!

Live dates as follows:

8/24-25 – Totnes, England – Sea Change Festival
8/31 – Tollard Royal, England – End of the Road Festival
12/4 – London, England – St. John In Bethnal Green


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