New Release: José Gonzales – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack


José Gonzales returns to solo life having penned and recorded a couple of new tracks for the new,
highly-anticipated Ben Stiller movie – ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’

If you’ve yet to see the trailer for what looks like an incredibly fine film,
have a watch below, before reading on…

Not only is that one of the best trailers we’ve seen in a while, but you’ll have noticed how epic the soundtrack is set to be.  Ben Stiller curated the entire tracklist, becoming deeply involved in the making of the record and the tracklisting is as follows…

1José González – Step Out
2. Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws
3. José González – Stay Alive
4. Junip – Far Away
5. Junip – Don’t Let It Pass
6. Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan
7. Jack Johnson – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
8. Bahamas feat. The Weather Station – Don’t You Want Me
9. Rogue Valley – The Wolves & The Ravens
10. David Bowie feat. Kristen Wiig – Space Oddity (Mitty Mix)
11. José González – #9 Dream
12. Grace Mitchell – Maneater

José features on five of the twelve tracks, twice with his wonderful band Junip,
and also with three tracks of his own – and we’re delighted to say that you can now hear
the epic Step Out, which features St. Vincent (apparently) and can be heard on the movie trailer

This is absolutely glorious…

The soundtrack for ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ is released on December 17th,
whilst the film heads to UK cinemas on Boxing Day (Dec 26th)


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