New Release: Johanna Samuels – High Tide For One

Photo Credit: Ellyn Jameson

Johanna Samuels has unveiled her first single from her forthcoming album, slated for Spring 2021. “High Tide for One” was written in response to watching Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s song delves into the hopelessness she felt around the response to Dr. Ford’s allegations, and the much too familiar patriarchal consolidation when female-identifying people attempt to bring the pain inflicted upon them to light. “High Tide for One” does not linger on that hopelessness, though. Johanna’s cutting delivery alongside the mingling sounds of a brushed drumbeat, spacey slide guitar, and her Rhodes imbue the song with a confident sense of defiance, resilience, strength and solidarity.

Speaking to the song, Samuels says: “I wrote this song on piano at my mom’s house thinking of Dr. Blasey Ford. My heart was broken for her and I reflected on how much scarcity of space and validation in basic experience there is for all female-identifying people, even in my own privileged, liberal community. It felt a bit hopeless. I felt exhausted, and for awhile, I didn’t have the strength to explain it or try to talk it through with anyone who wasn’t working to change it.”

Samuels’ upcoming album was produced and recorded by Sam Evian at his studio in New York’s Catskill Mountains and features vocal appearances from Courtney Marie Andrews, Lomelda, Olivia Kaplan, A.O. Gerber, Hannah Cohen and Maví Lou. “High Tide for One” sees Johanna Samuels on Rhodes and vocals, Harrison Whitford on guitar, Garret Lang on bass, Sean Mullins on drums and percussion, with A.O. Gerber and Olivia Kaplan on backing vocals.

“I love songs that make you feel something viscerally,” says LA-based songwriter Johanna Samuels. It’s a sentiment that echoes right through the heart of her work. Born in New York City and named after Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna”, Samuels subsequently moved to Los Angeles and was brought up on the sounds of classic songwriters. She has spent the better part of a decade honing her craft, carefully peeling away layers until finding her own way to balance bright pop melodies with a drifting sense of melancholy. More than just skin-and-bone, her recordings layer harmonies with rich instrumentation that provide a swaying and elegant backdrop, bringing Samuels’ stories beautifully to life. Following her EP Have a Good One, Johanna’s upcoming LP was recorded live with her band and produced by Sam Evian in upstate New York. Evian and Harrison Whitford play guitar and vocal contributions come from Lomelda, Courtney Marie Andrews, Hannah Cohen, Olivia Kaplan, and A.O. Gerber.

The album will be released in Spring 2021 on Mama Bird Recording Co. (US/World) and Basin Rock (UK/EU).


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