New Release: Iron & Wine – Waves Of Galveston

On August 31st, Iron & Wine releases Weed Garden, a six-song collection of all new material rooted in the writing process that brought us the Grammy-nominated, Beast Epic

The second song shared from Weed Garden is Waves Of Galveston, which first appeared as part of The Onion’s AV Club “State Songs” and is finally making its official release. A short trip from Austin where Sam Beam lived for a number years, Galveston and its coastal beauty is brought to life in this late summer breezy acoustic number that harks back to some of Iron & Wine’s earliest material. You can now listen to Waves Of Galveston below…

Weed Garden serves as the perfect companion piece to last years full length Beast Epic. The six-song EP features material that was part of the writing phase for Beast Epic, but for various reasons went unfinished. The term “weed garden” could easily imply that which doesn’t belong, for principal songwriter Sam Beam, it was more about getting more “into the weeds” on a creative process to finish the material

While on tour last fall, the final pieces fell into place and a sense of urgency prevailed in bringing these songs to fruition. Space was created at the top of the year to return to The Loft recording studio in Chicago with the band behind Beast Epic – Joe Adamik, Jim Becker, Rob Burger and Teddy Rankin-Parker. The tones and themes all feel part of the larger narrative that presented itself on Beast Epic bringing this collection of characters full circle


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