New Release: Hayden Thorpe – Aerial Songs EP / Blue Crow

Photo Credit: Jamie Adair

Hayden Thorpe has announced a new EP, Aerial Songs, due for release on 16th October 2020. Alongside the news of Aerial Songs, Hayden has shared the lead track “Blue Crow”.

Where his debut album, Diviner dealt with Hayden’s experience and solace in digital mysticism, Aerial Songs sees an evolution into that ‘digital pastoral’ – an intentionally romantic sonic echo of the heritage and wonder of the natural environment. This is a collection of songs with the Lake District at its heart; Hayden’s own Cumbrian folk psychedelia.

Take a listen to “Blue Crow” below…

Written and self-produced by Hayden with additional production work from Nathan Jenkins (aka Bullion), long-time collaborator Richard Formby and 4AD producer Fabian Prynn, Aerial Songs was originally composed as part of Hayden’s time as artist in residence at Aerial Festival – an arts, music and performance event due to take place in his native Cumbria.

Talking on the release, Hayden notes: “Since my first broody teenage attempts to make music and beyond into gradually becoming an adult concerned with making decent music, I’ve found the prospect of making work about the Lake District an off-puttingly daunting task. I’ve always felt ill equipped to even nearly match the enchantment of being within the fells.

I wouldn’t say I’m any better prepared now, it might just be that I can perhaps more precisely distil the vital affirmation I feel in the mountains. Maybe it is that I am, by now, far enough away from the blast radius of a frustrated rural youth shit show to get clear headed and attempt it.”

Aerial Songs tracklist:

  1. Blue Crow
  2. Head On A Platter
  3. Set It Loose


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