New Release: Greta Isaac – Pessimist

Greta Isacc has revealed the title track to her new EP, ‘Pessimist’, due in Spring 2021.

The latest to be unveiled from an 18 month period of artistic and personal self-reflection, ‘Pessimist’ offers a playground of interesting textures and soundscapes, largely created by Greta’s captivating multi-layered vocals.

“I wrote this song about seeing the contrast between having this very childlike carefree mindset and that suddenly switching into this negative, exhausted state of mind. This song is a perspective song, an ode to myself,” Greta says about the single. Its message of self annoyance is wonderfully illustrated by a galloping rhythm and the affirmation punchlines.

Talking about the writing process, Greta says: “I wrote this song at home in London with Martin Luke Brown and Matt Zara. We’re all very close friends so it was a really relaxed day of playing with each other some music and messing around with ideas. I had to run to my bar job in the evening so I quickly recorded the guitar part and we came up with ‘Pessimist’ as the title. I remember leaving the house feeling so creatively fulfilled and excited, and I knew this was what I wanted my EP to sound like. Anthemic, fun, and textured. Euphoric with sad undertones while I try and unpack my very millennial confusion about myself and the world around me.”

Born to a musical family in rural Wales, Greta started writing songs as a child, often in her native Welsh language. The poetic traditions and storytelling of her homeland continue to shape and influence her artistic process; one that has culminated in her forthcoming EP ‘Pessimist’ due out in Spring 2021.


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