New Release: Flock Of Dimes – Like So Much Desire

Photo Credit: Graham Tolbert

Jenn Wasner, known for her work with Andy Stack as part of Wye Oak, has recently returned to her own solo project Flock Of Dimes, under which she released a debut record If You See Me, Say Yes, back in 2016.

Wasner has announced that Flock Of Dimes has joined the Sub Pop roster and to celebrate, has unveiled a surprise, new EP titled Like So Much Desire, featuring five new tracks. The EP was inspired by the “inseparable nature of desire and grief,” and as an “offering of both comfort and personal reflection.”

Take a listen to the full EP, below…

Wasner recorded much of the EP at home, but includes contributions from drummer JT Bates and strings from Paul Wiancko, Michi Wiancko and Ayane Kozasa. It was mixed by Ari Picker and mastered by Ryan Pickett.

Like So Much Desire EP Tracklist:

  1. Spring in Water
  2. Like So Much Desire
  3. Again (For the First Time)
  4. When the Body Does Not
  5. Thank You Friends and Strangers


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