New Release: Eve Owen – Blue Moon

Photo Credit: Jen Long

Eve Owen has released her spell-binding new single “Blue Moon”, taken from her upcoming debut album Don’t Let The Ink Dry – produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner – which will be released on 8th May.

Owen had to say on the track: “Blue Moon is about unrequited love, but not the hurtful kind. It’s when you love someone so dearly that even if they turn out to be just a friend, you’re grateful. It’s just about being endeared by someone’s mere existence, nothing more nothing less. I was sat in this feeling of admiration and I think when you take it upon yourself to truly accept unrequited love and still keep it, is when you’re finally becoming stronger again. It was the first time I ever sang with electric guitar as opposed to acoustic, and I think Aaron captured that curiosity and excitement of mine really delicately. We wanted to capture some sort of Stevie Nicks atmosphere where I was vocally more free and spontaneous. The take we use in the final master was the second time we ran through the song, I remember because the first time I sped up like double time from giddiness of singing along to Aaron on electric!”

Listen below…

Subtle yet heart-wrenching, “Blue Moon” follows on from Owens debut singles, “So Still For You” and “She Says”, all taken from her upcoming debut LP. Don’t Let the Ink Dry is a work of raw sensitivity and uncontained imagination, brought to life over the course of three transformative years. During that time, the 20-year-old Owen spent her summer holidays writing and recording in New York with Dessner, immersing herself in a creative exploration that provided welcome refuge from her sometimes-troubled school life. As she discovered an entirely new sense of freedom and belonging, Owen devised a sonic language all her own: frenetic yet delicate, mercurial yet nuanced enough to capture the most ephemeral of feelings.

Produced by Dessner at Long Pond Studio (a converted barn and old farmhouse deep in the Hudson Valley), Don’t Let the Ink Dry finds Owen embracing her affinity for folk music while pursuing the endless possibilities in electronic experimentation. With the help of musicians like multi-instrumentalist Rob Moose (Bon Iver, Perfume Genius) and pianist Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman, who’s played with David Byrne, St. Vincent, and Father John Misty, among others), she and Dessner arrived at a detailed but deliberately wayward sound.

Working from an abundant batch of songs Owen had sketched over the years, the two collaborators dreamed up their kaleidoscopic sonic palette by espousing an unbridled playfulness—an element evident in such experiments as recording the whir of a washing machine, then using that sample as the foundation for one of the album’s outtakes. “What I enjoyed most was that there were no rules,” says Owen. “I could say or do whatever I wanted without feeling judged, which is the most wonderful feeling when you’re working creatively with someone.”

Dessner adds, “We ultimately recorded more than 40 songs over three years, and this first album feels like a collection of them. I enjoyed the process immensely. We felt free to imagine and chase whatever sounds or arrangements inspired us. In the middle of that time, she helped me make a National song called ‘Where Is Her Head,’ which she fearlessly sang lead on. There’s so much Eve is capable of and I’m grateful to know her.” With Owen playing guitar and Omnichord and Dessner handling a variety of instruments (guitars, piano, bass, synths), that lack of restraint imbues Don’t Let The Ink Dry with a thrilling volatility.


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