New Release: Elle Mary & The Bad Men – Bloom In Thickened Skin / Behave

On 24th November, Manchester-based Elle Mary & The Bad Men precede their 2018 debut album Constant Unfailing Night with the release of a 4 track EP titled Bloom In Thickened Skin

And this week, ahead of their exciting set at this year’s Off The Record Festival in Manchester this Friday, the Welsh singer-songwriter has unveiled a standout track from the EP. Behave sees Elle Mary switch from acoustic guitar to electric as she finds strength in saying what she really wants to say to an ex-lover: a song about empowerment and suppressed rage

Take a listen below…

Set for release on 9 March 2018, the upcoming album Constant Unfailing Night was written over the course of 3 years – “The Bad Men, Michael Dubec and Pete Sitch have joined me on this journey and probably know me too well as a result of it. The weight they add to the songs is incredible and I really couldn’t ask for a better band” Says Elle Mary

The record also marked a move and change in sound, and on this she says: “I’ve moved from folk to this ‘heavy noir’ or whatever you want to call it, the one consistent thing that has remained is the use of space. Space and a minimal approach has always been the most important part of the music to me, to do more with less. It’s this that draws me in the most about the artists I love (Low, Julie Doiron, Bill Callahan etc.). This allows for my voice to sit on top and the words seep in”

Elle Mary & The Bad Men are currently scheduling UK dates in support of the album’s release