New Release: Eliot Bronson – Empty Spaces / Good For You

Empty Spaces, the new record from Eliot Bronson, will be released on July 24th. As a ‘concept album’ you could look at Empty Spaces as travelling through “Stages of Grief.” There were a lot of changes going on for the young romantic; including the breakup of a 10-year relationship, the end of an engagement, and a move from his adopted home of Atlanta to his current headquarters in Nashville (and back to Atlanta when Covid hit.)

The collection is about loss, redemption, the places we leave, and the homes we make for ourselves. More importantly, it’s an album about starting again.

The new song “Good For You” has now been unveiled…

Bronson states: “I began writing the kind of songs I needed to hear… Empty Spaces was the best healing work I could’ve ever done. I had a weird, challenging childhood, and I originally turned to music because I didn’t have anywhere else to go in the house, physically. I made my own little world that made me feel safe and understood. This time, I really needed to find that space again and come full-circle. I made this record for the same reason that I wrote my first song. It wasn’t for anybody else; it was for me. Hearing the right words at the right moment can be the most magical elixir you can possibly take. It can heal you.”

Eliot’s last two albums were produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile) and given the intimacy of this subject matter, Eliot decided to produce himself for the first time in many years.

Last month, Eliot released “Even This Is Going To Pass” a song featuring beautiful harmonies from Grammy-winning artist Lori McKenna. Proceeds from sales of the song are being donated to FEEDING AMERICA to help support those in need during the COVID crisis.


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