New Release: Elanor Moss – Catholic

Photo Credit: Mon Levchenkova

Elanor Moss has announced the release of ‘Catholic’, the third single from her forthcoming EP Cosmic which will be released on 3rd February 2023 via Blue Raincoat Music.

A sequel to the songwriter’s acclaimed debut Citrus EP, Cosmic finds Moss in a more secure place, confident in herself amidst the aftermath of the events that Citrus explored. This newfound momentum is most definitely evident in ‘Catholic’, a full-band outing that pairs the lingering feelings of guilt and self-worth with the autobiographical songwriter’s sense of deadpan humour. For example, Moss counters the tender refrain of ‘I just want to feel loved by you’ with a self-deprecating dig at devouring ready meals for two, just as the palm muted production bursts into open chord catharsis; relief spilling out in new sounds to Elanor’s pallet, angular, fuzzy guitar solos included.

This new, playful edge to Moss’ voice is underlined by the sincerity we’ve come to know her for, observations on solitude and insecurity grounded by the central theme of the song; the fundamental human need to be accepted. Held against these moments of humour and wit, the chorus of ‘I just want to feel loved by you’ feels like a revelation.

Moss says, “it is one of the most fundamental human desires, to be seen and loved and accepted. Whilst there’s humour in the bizarreness of what we do to fend off the loneliness sometimes, there’s nothing funny about that need! The two can exist together, and have to for me where I am right now.”

Co-written with Sam Griffiths of The Howl & The Hum and recorded in Brooklyn with producer Oli Deakin (Lowpines, CMAT), ‘Catholic’ is Elanor in her element. More lyrically assured and musically ambitious than ever before, Moss balances the highs and lows of contemporary life in this perfect slice of hooky folk-rock that is deeply intimate yet entirely relatable.

Elanor Moss says on ‘Catholic’: “Catholic isn’t truly a song about being Catholic, or leaving the Catholic church… not really. It’s a song about grappling with your identity and realising you’ve relied on validation from others most of your life, whether that’s friends, family, or romantic partners. It’s also about realising you have the power to change and doing that. It’s cathartic to play and sing live, and I felt like I was tapping into something new in my writing. We tried recording it a bunch of different ways; acoustically, more lounge-y, slower… it didn’t feel right until it was big and loud. It was an interesting moment for me in my writing and sound. I wanted to be loud for once and see what it was like to be in an indie-rock band. I love it.”