New Release: David Ramirez – I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom

David Ramirez has shared his new single, ‘I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom’, taken from a collection of songs he’s been busy working on with producer Jason Burt (Leon Bridges, Sarah Jaffe, Paul Cauthen). While news of an album is due soon, Ramirez is now sharing another insight into the new material he’s been putting together: what he himself refers to as a collection of “soulful, love-making dream pop”.

You can stream ‘I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom’ below…

The new material arrives following recent singles ‘Lover, Will You Lead Me?’ and ‘Hallelujah, Love Is Real’, as well as his politically-charged and critically-acclaimed fourth LP We’re Not Going Anywhere (2017). Where the last two singles dealt in a more electronic-focused sound, new cut ‘I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom’ is a piece of sparse, atmospheric Americana that recalls Ramirez’s previous work but taken to newfound, reverb-soaked heights.

Talking about the new single, Ramirez says: “This is easily the most romantic song I’ve ever written. I was sitting on my lover’s bed looking around at all the perfectly curated pieces in her room. Everything was so intentional and held a story and a place in her heart. I wanted to be one of those pieces. I wrote this and played it live for a year before going in the studio so I was incredibly attached and very particular with how I wanted it to come across. We ended up tracking it five different times until finally realizing it needed to be simple and sweet. It was written just minutes after waking up on a hazy winter day. How sweet and simple is love in that moment?”


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