New Release: David Ramirez – Hell

Mexican-American artist David Ramirez recently announced details of his incoming fifth album My Love Is A Hurricane and has now shared the latest single, ‘Hell’.

Due for release July 17th, Ramirez’s new album follows the politically-charged 2017 LP We’re Not Going Anywhere. As the sultry ‘Hell’ shows, this latest incarnation sees Ramirez deal in a psychedelic R&B sound marked by new experimentations with piano and synths, lush harmonies and reverb-soaked atmospherics…

Talking about ‘Hell’, Ramirez says: “This was the second song we recorded. I came in one day with a guitar riff, then two days later, after a three hour drug-induced jam session, we had the grooviest, sexiest, most spiritual ballad known to humankind. Simple verses that float among the clouds then a heavy, groove-driven chorus with soaring vocals. Honestly, this may be my favourite track on the album. It’s not my favourite song but the memories associated, the sonic nature, the performances make this so much fun for me to listen to. Plus, my good friend Kelsey Wilson (Wild Child, Sir Woman) happened to be in Dallas while we were tracking and came in to write and sing the third verse. This is pure ear candy and it’s fucking delicious.”

Where Ramirez’s last album painted a picture of life in contemporary America through the lens of his own Mexican heritage, My Love Is A Hurricane – produced by Jason Burt (Leon Bridges, Sarah Jaffe) – is an even more personal and introspective affair; a ten-track collection charting the tumultuous, unpredictable journey of falling in and out of love, written over the course of such a relationship. The album’s roots go back to the Summer of 2017, Ramirez had fallen in love with someone who, despite having only just met, felt incredibly familiar to him. “In past relationships, no matter how eager I was to feel loved and to give love, there had always been a hesitation to crawl out of my old life. I didn’t feel this,” he says. With that year’s We’re Not Going Anywhere LP soon to be released and followed by a period of touring across Europe and the US, Ramirez began to pen his next album and hopeful odes to new love spilled out.

Halfway through writing the album, however, the relationship that had inspired a new burst of creativity in him ended up falling apart. Instead of scrapping the songs, the Texan singer-songwriter began to channel all of his thoughts into words and it was this reflection that led Ramirez to the album’s title, My Love Is A Hurricane: “I was born in August of 1983 just days after Hurricane Alicia had hit my hometown of Houston. As my relationship began ripping at the seams, I started to think of this storm as a precursor to my being born,” he confides: “Was there something in the universe that imprinted a characteristic of chaos in my blood during my last few days in the womb? Was I destined to wreak havoc everywhere I went?”


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