New Release: Daniel Pearson – Born In A Satellite Town

Today, Daniel Pearson has unveiled a beautifully warm and autobiographical new single. Born In A Satellite Town casts a cinematic eye over his early life and adds a graceful nostalgia to his melodic country-folk songwriting.

Take a listen below…

“As you get a little older you start to look back and think more deeply about the experiences that formed the person you grew into,” explains the singer-songwriter. “Born In A Satellite Town is the story of my childhood, my teenage years, my friendships and my relationships – and a sense of a place that’s probably changed as much as I have since then. I think that’s a universal feeling and memory, and I wanted to write about that as if it was a movie or novel with each verse exploring a different point in time.”

Driven by Pearson’s soulful voice, dexterous acoustic playing and an atmospheric bed of reverb-laden sounds and piano, Born In A Satellite Town fits perfectly into a growing catalogue of songs from the Yorkshire singer-songwriter.

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