New Release: Crake – Gef

Photo Credit: Shaun Page

Leeds quartet Crake have shared new single ‘Gef’, the other side of the band’s new two-track 7” single and accompanying zine.

An alt-folk four piece from the city of Leeds in northern England, Crake write melodic and (sometimes) hopeful songs about flora, fauna, anxiety and the tough stuff. Led by singer/guitarist Rowan Sandle, alongside lead guitarist Russell Searle, drummer Rob Slater and bassist Sarah Statham, Crake blend alt-folk with indie-rock and an increasing density of guitars, tape-loops and synth blankets to create a bed for Sandle’s poetic lyrics.

Hear the new track below….

‘Gef’ is a poetic, moving and deeply layered song that delves into an old story from the Isle of Man told to Rowan by her Dad who grew up on the island. The song is inspired by the story of ‘Gef’, a talking mongoose who sometime in the early 1930s came self-invited to live with the Irving family in the small village of Dalby. Gef was a very talented mongoose. He could talk, had a wicked sense of humour and, although sometimes irksome toward the Irvings, became an accepted part of the family.

“Gef was closest to Voirrey, who first met Gef when she was only thirteen years old.” Explains Rowan “My middle name is also Voirrey and the story of Gef is one I revisit often. Gef is recounted with none of the usual qualities given to ghouls or familiars, neither wicked nor auspicious, He was however is a terrible gossip, a teller of bad jokes and a good catcher of mice. The Irvings recite the implausible story of Gef in all earnestness – emotion buried within a topsoil of practicality leaning toward the mundane. Voirrey was often blamed for Gef’s conception, but until her death she denied any hand in his creation. Either way I don’t care. I love Gef all the same.”


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