New Release: Christina Gammeltoft – Reach You

Danish singer-songwriter Christina Gammeltoft is back with her third single, “Reach You”, leading up to the release of her debut album Autumn Sun, coming out later this year through Revolver Records.

Take a listen below…

Centred around a fingerpicked banjo, “Reach You” blends elements of indie-folk and chamber pop in a very uplifting, emotional and yet energetic arrangement. Building up the song with cheerful arpeggios from instruments like piano, marimba, ukulele and mandolin, Christina creates a playful and elegant sound expressing the theme of the song perfectly.

Inspired by and dedicated to her mother and loved ones in her life, “Reach You” is a very strong and personal declaration of love; it’s a tribute to childhood and to the pure, uncomplicated feeling of love and comfort of a family.


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