New Release: Chloe Foy – Left Centred Weight

Chloe Foy has shared her sumptuous new single ‘Left Centred Weight’.

First sketched out in 2014, the metamorphoses and manipulations ‘Left Centred Weight’ has gone under is symbolic of Foy’s tenacity to perfect and hone her craft. With a debut album imminent, ‘Left Centred Weight’ is Foy’s richest and most full-bodied track to date. A world away from the bare bones style of her previous work.

Having lost her Dad to depression, ‘Left Centred Weight’ is about the existential thoughts prompted from understanding mortality at a young age. “It’s about feeling that everyone’s going to die, which comes about from having grieved once before. But ultimately coming to terms with it and making peace”, Foy explains.

Recorded at Manchester’s Pinhole Studios, the strings arranged by the song’s co-writer and producer, Harry Fausing-Smith, provide the platform for Foy’s spine-tinglingly pure vocals to flourish like never before.

While initially the song’s primary melodic hook, “Go easy brain”, may have been meant as a message to herself, its impact is far more universal, giving listeners a break from their external worries of which there are so many right now. Few can soothe with the distinction of Foy.

The Manchester-via-Gloucester songwriter first came to public attention after her singles ‘Flaws’ and ‘Asylum’ brought streaming success. A UK and European tour with Jesca Hoop followed soon after, as did festival appearances at SXSW, Green Man and Cambridge Folk Festival (not forgetting a glorious set for TFFT Live in the early years!) – Foy was also set to play Glastonbury’s Acoustic Stage in 2020.


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