New Release: Chloe Foy – Callous Copper

Taken from her new EP, announced earlier this week and due for release on 21st February, Chloe Foy has unveiled the stunning, Joni Mitchell-inspired new single Callous Copper.

Take a listen to this bewitching yet bittersweet number, which sees Foy’s delicate vocals coupled with a soaring string quartet, below…

Talking about the track, Foy states: “’Callous Copper’ is an unabashed love song. It’s not common for me to be quite so open in my imagery, so I surprised myself with how I laid myself out quite so openly. It has imagery of love in all its seasons.

Taken from simple acoustic guitar beginnings and composed with Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now orchestral version in mind, it’s the softer side of me”.

The new EP is a intimate selection of songs, old and new, that have been re-imagined within the setting of a string quartet. Each track effortlessly compliments the next as the violin, viola and cello combine to create a sound that is otherworldly. Mixing sweeping melodies with Chloe’s silk, smooth vocals and distinctively bittersweet songwriting style, Chloe has managed to create a sound that is both relatable and blissfully emotive. Fans of the likes of Laura Marling and Julia Jacklin will feel at home here.

Talking about the EP, Chloe elaborates, “I adore string music and think so much can be brought out in a song with the addition of violin, viola and ‘cello. So that’s what I’ve aimed for here – a collection of songs, old and new and a cover of one of my favourites by Neil Young. All about birth, love, death and everything in between. The intricate complexities of life and living.”

Since moving from Gloucestershire to Manchester in 2014, Chloe has gone from strength to strength. Following the release of her singles Asylum, Flaws, Oh You Are Not Well and In The Middle Of The Night, the former TFFT Live act is set to continue to mesmerise listeners with her ethereal blend of melancholic indie-folk.

Catch Chloe Foy live next on her upcoming UK tour at the following dates…

1st February 2020 – Pound Arts – Wiltshire
2nd February 2020 – The Met – Bury
4th March 2020 – The Islington – London
5th March 2020 – The Brunswick – Brighton
6th March 2020 – Cafe Kino – Bristol
7th March 2020 – Purple Turtle – Reading
8th March 2020 – Boiler Room – Guildford
10th March 2020 – Studio 2 – Liverpool
12th March 2020 – Laundrette – Durham
14th March 2020 – Kings Arms – Salford


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